What will happen during our sessions: 

Using the EDIT™ method, we will use a combination of talking and worksheets in our sessions that you can take home for continued learning and support. I also offer meal support, text/email coaching, and on-site support such as grocery store shopping, clothes shopping, and shopping for special events.  I will work with you in the here and now, guiding you to trust your Intuitive Therapist (IT) voice and learning how to break away from the voice of the Eating Disorder (ED). Some new goals you may learn while working with me include:

  • How to make peace with food. 

  • How to experience emotional balance.

  • Learning how to live an authentic and meaningful life! 

  • Finding freedom from substance abuse and other addictive behaviors such as sex addiction, shopping, and gambling.  

  • Creating healthy relationships with others. 

  • How to have a healthier body image. 

  • How to break away from the "Diet Culture" mentality. 

The Specifics:

  • I can support clients ages 18+ anywhere in the world via ZOOM. 

  • Normally we will meet weekly but this can be customized to fit your needs; I will work with your treatment team, physician, therapist or dietitian as well.

  • EDIT™ and Intuitive Therapy™ can complement the work you are already doing with your treatment team. 

Contact me today and let's see if we'd be a good fit in working together! I offer a free 30-minute video consultation. Email me at nikki@liveedfree.com to get started.