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With EDIT™ Certified Recovery Coach Nikki DuBose

Together, we'll uncover the life you've always wanted to have. A life recovered from eating disorders and addictions. A life full of passion and purpose!

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Are you ready to live life free of your Eating Disorder and Addictions?

I know I was. In 2013, I finally broke free of my relationship with "ED," and married into a happy and healthy life with Intuitive Eating and Intuitive Living. As your EDIT™ Certified Recovery Coach, my mission is to help you have that same happy marriage with your intuition, too. I'll help you unlock your Intuitive Therapist (IT) within, guiding you to a place of complete freedom from eating disorders and addictive behaviors.


My Training

My education is a blend of life experience and formal training. I am a recovered individual of a seventeen year eating disorder and co-occurring issues. In my former career, I was a professional model for ten years where I observed a large percentage of models who also had an eating disorder and extensive body image issues. I am a Clinical Psychology Psy.D. student at Meridian University, and I have a B.A. in psychology with honors from California Southern University. I am certified as an Intuitive Therapy Recovery Coach (Levels I-IV) through Dr. Dorie McCubbrey, PhD, MSEd, LPC, LAC, CEDS extensive training program (find out about her program here). 

Furthermore, I have written and contributed to four books on mental health and trauma, and have appeared on dozens on television shows and podcasts where I have spoken about my eating disorder recovery. My articles on mental health and eating disorders have appeared in The Huffington Post, People, The LA Times, and more. To see a full list of my training, please visit the "My Training" page. 


Connect with me!

I am happy to support individuals across the world via Zoom.  If you'd like to schedule a complementary 30-minute video call, please fill out this form or e-mail me at If my practice is full, I will add you to my waitlist and supply you with additional resources and referrals. I hope to hear from you soon! 

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