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Coaching for Artists

I am extremely passionate about seeing that models, fitness-enthusiasts, dancers, and those in performance-based careers receive the specific mental health care they need. During my ten year career as a fashion model, I suffered tremendously with an eating disorder and co-occurring issues, but didn't have the resources necessary to help me. Furthermore, many of the agents were not trained in mental health education and had very little knowledge of eating disorders and addictions. As a solution, I have designed special recovery coaching sessions exclusively for those in performance-based careers. My recovery coaching integrates the EDIT™ Intuitive Therapy approach with unique challenges faced by those in performance-based careers such as:

  • Understanding your motivation for getting into your career, and separating your career from your addictions. 

  • Body image issues + emotional health. 

  • The desire to succeed as a performer, perfectionism, and how that relates to weight challenges.

  • Addiction, drugs, & sex pressures in the arts.

  • Finding joy beyond work! 

  • Maintaining recovery while working in the arts.

  • How to transition into a different career that's meaningful. 

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