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Holiday Coaching Tips from Live ED Free™

Whether you’re preparing to celebrate Christmas or have been celebrating Hanukkah for days now, the holidays are a festive time full of family, fun – and, of course, food!

For those who may struggle with their relationship to food, this can be a challenging time. However, you can navigate it skillfully by drawing on the principles of the EDIT Method.

With these three tips from the EDITMethod, you can improve your communication, set better boundaries, and enjoy better connections with loved ones this holiday season. Here’s how:

Be True to Yourself. One of the reasons why the holidays can be so challenging is the incessant diet talk around the dinner table. No one feels like digging into the stuffing after hearing their cousin complain about the lack of keto options! Honor your commitment to intuitive eating by politely asking loved ones to refrain from commenting on your weight or your plate.

Express Yourself. Many of us are hesitant to speak our minds to our closest friends and family, especially during holiday gatherings. Practicing interpersonal effectiveness skills in your communication this holiday season can help you preserve your relationships, skillfully set boundaries, and maintain your self-respect.

Give to Yourself! From Christmas cookies to your family’s special recipes that only come out once a year, food is one of the very things that makes the holidays so special. Don’t be afraid to follow your intuition and enjoy it!

Happy holidays from Live ED Free

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