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March Coaching Tip: Find Your Freedom Point!

This March, let’s reflect on some ways to show your body some TLC! Hands-down, the best and most important way to love your body is by giving it the nourishment it deserves.

Our bodies can’t function at their best when we are putting them through the ringer. So, ditch the fad diets and excessive exercise. Instead, find freedom by embracing your body’s “set point” or “freedom point” weight.

There is evidence that our bodies naturally settle into an ideal weight range, determined by genetics and our environment. There is also evidence that our bodies will fight to maintain our body weight within this range, despite our efforts to change our weight.

This concept is known as set point theory. Your “set point” or “freedom point” (you may hear these terms used interchangeably) is the weight or weight range that it naturally settles into when you are not obsessing over your eating or exercise habits.

To find your freedom point weight, it’s worth reflecting on a couple of questions:

● What was your body’s highest weight ever? What were your eating and exercise habits like at this time?

● What was your body’s lowest weight ever? What were your eating and exercise habits like at this time?

● Can you remember a time when you were not trying to over-control your eating or exercise habits, while still engaging in gentle nutrition and joyful movement? If so, what was your weight at this time?

Sometimes, our bodies may want to maintain a higher freedom point weight than what we’ve weighed in the past. Once we figure out our body’s preferred freedom point weight, we can then begin the hard work of unlearning the assumptions and judgments we have about the number on the scale.

If you’re ready to find your freedom point, embark on your recovery journey, and embrace your True Self (despite potential changes in body weight), reach out to me to learn more about eating disorder recovery coaching at! Please note, at this time I am not taking on any new clients, but I'd be happy to place you on a waiting list.

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