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Recovering from Eating Disorders Using the EDIT™ Method: Eating Disorder Intuitive Therapy

If "traditional" treatment hasn't helped you or your loved one fully overcome an eating disorder, then you're not alone. Evidence-based practices like cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) can be transformational for some -- but they aren't successful for everyone.

Traditional treatment approaches have failed many of my clients. These models can be helpful in mastering food, weight, and self-critical thoughts, but many of the people I see have felt like something was "missing" from these approaches.

Others may have been made to feel like they weren't "sick enough" for treatment. They may not have had an official eating disorder diagnosis, or their appearance may not have fit the stereotype of someone with an eating disorder.

Inpatient treatment can be stigmatizing and dehumanizing. These programs often focus on meals and weight gain at the expense of a holistic, well-rounded approach to treatment.

Dr. Dorie McCubbrey shared many of these experiences in her own journey toward recovery, which is why she founded the EDIT method. This comprehensive solution is designed to help you get in touch with your truest self and find not only recovery -- but true joy.

This blog post covers everything you need to know about EDIT™, and what you can expect from working with an EDIT™-certified recovery coach like me along every step of the process.

What is the EDIT Method? The Basics

The EDITmethod helps you release the "false self" created by eating disorders and addictions so you can discover your "true self" through recovery. EDITaccomplishes this by guiding you through the process of separating your "Eating Disorder" voice from your "Intuitive Therapist" voice -- hence the name, EDIT!

EDITbuilds on evidence-based practices like CBT by combining them with a holistic, client-centered approach. As a result, EDIT often succeeds in helping patients who were failed by traditional treatment approaches.

Many people with eating disorders who undergo traditional treatment get stuck in the partial recovery phase, where they are weight-restored and mostly free from disordered behaviors. However, EDIT's goal is to help you work toward a full recovery.

An EDIT-certified recovery coach like me can help support you in real-time during the transition from inpatient (or other higher levels of care) back to everyday life. We also work with folks who may not have an eating disorder diagnosis but still struggle with their relationship to food.

Whether you're a chronic dieter or an emotional eater, EDITis for everyone who wants to find food freedom and live an authentic, intuitive lifestyle! (Click here for more information on EDIT and whether it might be a good fit for you.)

What It's Like to Work With an EDIT-Certified Recovery Coach

A recovery coach is a trained professional who can complement the work you are already doing with your eating disorder treatment team. Some EDIT-certified recovery coaches have a background in psychology or related fields. I do have a B.A. in psychology and am working towards licensure for my PsyD in clinical psychology, but the coaching sessions solely focus on coaching. Should any clinical issues arise, I will refer you to a licensed clinician in your area.

In our sessions, we will use a combination of talking, worksheets, and exposure to real-life situations (such as grocery shopping or eating at a restaurant) to help you master eating disorders and addictive behaviors. However, EDIT is not a one-size-fits-all approach; we will work together to customize your coaching sessions to your individual needs!

Holistic coaching can fill some of the gaps you may not be getting through traditional treatment models, by offering real-time support in challenging moments and helping you discover who you are without your eating disorder. We work on goals like making peace with food, restoring emotional balance, and breaking free from the "diet culture" mentality while helping you improve your relationships with yourself and others.

Ready for Recovery? Try EDIT Today!

As an EDIT-certified recovery coach, I offer custom coaching packages to help you transform your relationship with food and start leading an authentic and meaningful life free from disordered eating. My individualized packages can include Zoom sessions, custom retreats, meal and shopping support, text/email coaching, and more. Contact me today at to see if working together might be a good fit!

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