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Intuitive Eating Coaching Tip 102

Fall is upon us once again! This is my favorite time of year, for so many reasons. I just love to gather with my family and friends, bake delicious Fall treats, and go shopping for those cozy candles that make my home smell like a gingerbread house. Fall can also be challenging for those in eating disorder recovery, but it doesn't have to be. One quick but very important tip that I like to share with my clients is: Get rid of the scales! Get rid of them in your home, office, everywhere!

This is something I challenge my recovery coaching clients to do, and it’s something I have ritualized, too. When I recovered from my eating disorder in 2013, I had to learn how to create an environment that would foster my recovery, mind, body, and soul. That meant dumping the scales for good.

For those who struggle with eating disorders or dance with dieting, scales can leave us feeling out of control (ironic, huh?). Staying married to our scales keeps our thoughts, feelings, and behavior dependent on that one number. When we throw away the scale, we take back our power and true control over our lives.

We are one step closer to regaining TOTAL food and body freedom, in line with our body’s intuitive needs. Will you take this challenge with me and ditch the scale for good?

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