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The Seasons of Recovery

Updated: Apr 6, 2022

“Be aware of what season you are in and give yourself the grace to be there.” — Kristen Dalton

Although summertime is almost over, pesky “ED” never seems to take a break! For those who struggle with body image issues, getting dressed can feel downright terrifying during any time of the year – but it doesn’t have to! New seasons can evoke happy feelings; memories of things we’d like to repeat, aromas and foods that bring us joy. However, seasonal changes can sometimes stir up negative emotions within. What do you do when you find yourself with feelings you’d rather avoid/stuff down/ignore?

Recovery can often mimic the seasons of our life. Sometimes life is predictable and comfortable, and other times it’s rainy, cold, and messy. Seasons come into our lives to prepare us and make us stronger. If we pay close attention during the cycles of recovery, we can learn a lot about the importance of forming healthy habits, when to work and when to rest, and when to let go of things that no longer serve us.

Activity: Grab your journal, and write down some happy memories from each of the four seasons (these can be recent or from your childhood). What do you like about each of these seasons? On a separate piece of paper, write down four things that the seasons of your recovery are revealing to you.

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