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Why Intuitive Eating Coaching is a Smart Investment

If you are dedicated to achieving your Intuitive Eating recovery goals in 2023, you may want to consider hiring an intuitive eating recovery coach to support you along the way.

As an EDIT™ - certified recovery coach myself, I have witnessed firsthand how seeking a coach’s support can be a transformative step in the recovery process. However, many prospective clients are afraid to commit to hiring a coach. Frequently, they are worried about the cost – to their money, their time, and their emotional state.

This worry makes sense, given that many of my clients feel like they’ve tried every type of eating disorder/dieting treatment under the sun. If nothing has worked for them in the past, how can they be sure that this time will be different?

That’s why my tip for this month is to view intuitive eating recovery coaching as an investment in yourself. Think of it like starting a business: every business has startup costs. But as our business grows, so, too, does the return on our investment!

And when it comes to achieving your goals, coaching is a sound investment: business research shows that telling your goals to a professional actually makes you more likely to achieve them.

Of course, as with any investment, you’ll want to make sure that the coach you’re putting your trust into is the right fit for you. To find out if my approach is a good match for your goals, reach out to me at!


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